About Us

Founder Doug Braunstein brings 30+ years of senior transactional, operational and executive experience to Hudson Executive Capital. Having worked on over $1 trillion in strategic transactions, Doug applies his direct experience in the public company space to help catalyze the strategic opportunities for our portfolio companies. Additionally, his broad corporate network across industry executives, boards, and advisors allows unique insight and access to enhance all stages of the investment process. Doug leads an experienced investment and operational team with senior management personnel averaging over 20 years of investment and industry experience.

Doug assembled 13 world-class CEOs – the Firm’s CEO Partners – to serve as advisors to the Firm. An additional group of 20+ CEOs – the Firm’s CEO Network – are invested in the Fund and also bring their extensive knowledge, experience, and networks to facilitate a unique approach towards idea generation, investment research, diligence and execution on our investment theses.

Mission Statement

Hudson Executive Capital seeks to create value for both its investors and the public markets as a strategic shareholder utilizing a unique and sustainable process. We have assembled a team of investment professionals and Chief Executive Officers who share a common background of delivering value over time for their investors through fundamental analysis, industry knowledge, managerial experience and operational expertise on the strategic issues companies face. The team possesses market leadership in structuring and implementing strategic solutions and operational improvements. Our historical relationships and deep insight allow our team to work effectively with corporate boards, management teams and shareholders. Accordingly, we are well positioned to employ our principle of Constructive Engagement®:

Discussions with the board, management and shareholders of our portfolio companies will be anchored in fundamental and strategic analysis, collaborative dialogue and mutual respect.

We will not conduct a public contest, forgoing hostile proxy fights and public media tactics. Constructive Engagement® is the timely and preferable means of generating excess returns for our investors and the broader marketplace. It is a philosophy and approach we pledge to advance in the work that we do.